Swete Deals are available on all Musto Kit. Having taken Swete Sailing successfully around the planet, Musto is definitely our choice in Sailing Kit. 


We are always happy to chat about anything from kit for your Offshore program to your J70 Campaign, so please feel free to get in touch if you require anything 'Musto'.


Bespoke printing for larger orders can also easily be arranged and we work closely with Purple Patch in Hamble.


SmartTune is a plug-in wireless load sensor that accurately measures your shroud or forestay tension in real time. This allows you to measure and repeat your fast settings for forestay load and ‘sag’ to give your best headsail shape (and mast bend) for optimum performance in all wind-speeds and conditions.


A super accurate and reliable wireless load sensor that runs for months on end using standard AA batteries and is a 'straight swap' with your current forestay turnscrew, SmartTune can easily link up with your Smartphone using our simple App or be linked in with your current  B&G displays via our wireless receiver. 


Dave Swete, the creator of the Performance 40 Sailing Series comments: 'Previously only available to bigger budget teams, all of the benefits of knowing your rig loads are now available to everyone and it couldn't be more affordable or simple. In my opinion the SmartTune is a must for any serious (or not so serious) racer.'


Having sailed around the World twice with KZ and having used them in practically every Sailing project I have been involved in, there really is only one choice when it comes to Furling Solutions for Swete Sailing. 


 Swete Deals are available on all KZ products while we have a very good relationship with this great Kiwi Company and are up to date with all the latest products. 


See what Sweet Swete Sailing are recommending as the ultimate in 'Ocean Safety' when it comes to electronic safety gear, MOB systems etc. Swete Deals are available on all RRP's.