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Onboard Coaching

Throughout my professional sailing career I have developed a skill in getting the most out of a crew/boat, with a massive emphasis on communication and keeping the intensity up, while also having fun. I have coached Fast 40's, TP52's, Performance 40's and almost everything in between.


I really do 'get a kick' out of helping teams out ​and no matter what what shape or size of boat or level of crew, I am more than happy to jump aboard and help get the crew firing. Getting around a course cleanly and fast is not only more fun, but it also saves you in the long run when you no longer worry about that 'broach' in 20 knots or that 'trawl' at the bottom mark..... Swete Coaching will put in place the procedures needed to ensure cohesion and a calm, fast boat that people want to turn up and race on. 


Race Yacht Management

Over the years I have been lucky enough to have been involved in some very well run sailing teams and I have learnt the key ingredients to running a successful program. I am very much a people person and I like to sail with not only great sailors, but also people who are fun to be around. I also believe that the right systems need to be in place to get the most out of a crew and it is something that I can usually identify pretty quickly within a team. 

If you would like help putting a team together and getting the right procedures in place to get the most out of your boat, then please do get in touch. A recent example of this was the Proam team that I put together on the Fast 40 '42 South' for Cowes Week 2019, where we won 4 out of 6 races and comfortably took out IRC Zero over two other Fast 40's and a Professional TP52 Team. 


Event Management

Swete Sailing is the Founder of the highly successful Performance 40 Class and also the Class Manager of the up and coming Cape 31 UK Class. We have been involved in organising many amazing regattas on the Solent over the past few years and have a passion for not only providing great racing on the water, but also a very good social scene off the water. 

Swete Sailing has big plans for 2021 and looking forward to running some of the best racing in the UK. 


On the Water 


The HMS 'Sweet As Bro!' is available for running training regattas for J70's, Cape 31's & Performance 40's and also for providing 'on the water' coaching.


We have access to 4 J70's for any off season training...... perfect for owner drivers who want to improve/keep their helming skills up for their P40 or Fast 40 and to improve the communication/cohesion within their core crews. ​Winter sailing in the UK is definitely a 'thing' when you can rock up to the Yacht Club at 9am, start your first race at 1030am, bang out 5 intense J70 windward leeward races and be enjoying your first beer by 130pm.

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Owners Match Racing

Why not have a go at Match Racing with your own professional crew and compete against some of the worlds highest ranked Match Racing Skippers. Swete Sailing will secure entry to the event and organise all of the logistics that go with competing at the highest level of Match Racing.


2009 Match Racing World Champions, our team Blackmatch Racing was ranked world number 1 for over two years. During our tenure at the top of the game, we spent some of our time match racing with an owner from Monaco and managed to get him to a World Ranking of 35.

Match Racing can take you to some of the most beautiful sailing locations on the planet. Events are ranked from World Tour down to Grade 5 depending on prize money, rankings of competitors, amount of umpires, boats etc. The higher your World Ranking the higher grade events you can enter. Sweet Swete Sailing can put together a world class crew and get you an entry to a regatta that you would otherwise not gain entry to. 

A typical Match Racing event is held over 2 or 3 days, has 10 teams and 2 round robins where you race everyone twice before a semi final and final.



J70 Regattas

​As the 2020 UK National and Southern area Champion, Swete Sailing is a big fan J70's and can put together a J70 package that is right for you. Whether you want to compete locally in the UK or perhaps go and find some sun in Europe, there are many options that we can help you out with.  European Regattas run over winter in Monaco, Barcelona and Vigo and Swete Sailing can organise all of the logistics around getting your team there. 

Locally the Royal Southern run events over winter and these are short, sharp races (typically 5 in a day) designed to give a you an action packed day and a beer in a warm Yacht Club by 2pm. 

Please Feel free to get in touch about anything regarding J70's. 

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