Smartune Uno is a plug-in wireless load sensor that accurately measures your forestay tension in real time. This allows you to measure and repeat your fast settings for forestay load and ‘sag’ to give your best headsail shape (and mast bend) for optimum performance in all wind-speeds and conditions.


A super accurate and reliable wireless load sensor that runs for months on end using standard AA batteries and is a 'straight swap' with your current forestay turnscrew, Smartune can easily link up with your Smartphone using our simple App or be linked in with your current  B&G displays via our wireless receiver. 


Dave Swete, the creator of the Performance 40 Sailing Series comments: 'Previously only available to bigger budget teams, all of the benefits of knowing your rig loads are now available to everyone and it couldn't be more affordable or simple. Notice how I said rig loads and not just forestay loads....... this is because knowing something like your leeward cap shroud tension when sailing upwind can be just as important. Not only would the Smartune benefit the likes of the P40 fleet when racing, but it would also greatly benefit a one design boat. Imagine having a forestay and leeward cap shroud 'readout' to get your IC37 set up for a regatta......even if you're not permitted to use Smartune on your boat when class racing, you will be streaks ahead of the opposition with the knowledge gained during practice/IRC Events and have super accurate backstay marks and rig notes that will get you to your fast setting before the rest of the fleet. Or take the J70 for example, having live real-time extremely accurate readouts when tuning your rig (instead of  mucking around with a dodgy loos gauge) will allow you to not only experiment while practising, but also help set your boat up faster and more accurately. In my opinion the Smartune is a must for any serious (or not so serious) racer.'

Smartune turnscrew size 5/16" (7.94mm) ie. J70