The OLAS Float-On is a waterproof, floating pocket torch and OLAS transmitter. Unique integration of Exposure’s MOB technology (water activated strobe) and OLAS connectivity in one product creates a multi-functional safety aid for both novice and experienced boaters. The combination of the alarm and the high-power strobe help to ensure the MOB can be seen throughout the rescue.  


The OLAS Float-On are tracked by the OLAS application on a mobile device or via the Core, Guardian and Extender. 


OLAS Float-On advantages

Rechargeable OLAS transmitter
Water activated strobe
(MOBT) Battery feedback
USB Rechargeable
The OLAS app requires a minimum of IOS11 or Android 5.1 to work.

In the box: OLAS Float-On, Micro USB Charge Cable, User Guide

OLAS Float-On

  • Overboard Technology When thrown overboard, or worn by a person going overboard, it will float. MOB technology senses 6 seconds of water connection and activates the strobe light, flashing once every second for up to 24 hours, visible up to 3 nautical miles away. Recessed water connection terminals ensure the MOB technology is only active when submerged in water.

    Fitting in the palm of a hand, a feature button offers easy location in the dark. The lens is effective as a distance torch whilst also emitting side light to ensure complete all-round visibility when acting as a position indicating light or strobe. OLAS Float-On can be easily stowed on any existing safety gear or in a lifejacket pocket.