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Performance 40 Class

A concept created by David Swete after many years of racing on these type of boats around the solent. A ‘Performance 40’ is a Cruiser/Racer around 40ft defined by the below limitations, which utilises information from her IRC Certificate. Also known as a P40, the intention is for this to be a mostly 'Corinthian' Class, where family and friends get a taste of Grand Prix style Racing. The idea is to 'piggy back' off existing IRC events around the Solent (apart from our standalone Nationals run by the Royal Yacht Squadron) and to bring all of these fantastic boats together for great racing and even better partying! The beauty of a P40 is that most of the crew can sleep onboard, so there is no excuse to miss out on the shore activities, while the racing is extremely competitive and done in good spirits.  


For reference a First 40 is at the bottom of the band and an XP44 is at the top of the band. This includes but is not limited to; J111’s, J122’s, J133’s, J121, IMX40’s, Grand Soleil 43’s, Arcona 41’s, JND 39’s, Corby 41’s, Mills 39’s, Matt 12’s, Farr 40’s, King 40’s, Azuree 46’s etc.                                                         

IRC Band 1.075-1.150

LH 11.15m-14.1m

DLR 125-205

Max Draft 2.70m


If you think you have a P40 or would like some help with coaching, organising a team etc. Please do get in touch.