Performance 40's are a mostly 'Corinthian' Class, where family & friends get a taste of Grand Prix style Racing. There are no sign up fees, committees etc. It is organized by Swete Sailing with help from the team at North Sails UK & affiliated Yacht Club's. A P40 is a 40ish Foot Cruiser/Racer & is defined by the class limitations below, which utilise information from her IRC Certificate. For reference a First 40 is at the bottom of the band & an XP44 is at the top of the band. This includes but is not limited to; J111’s, J122’s,  J121's, Grand Soleil 43’s, JND 39’s, Mills 39’s, Matt 12’s, Farr 40’s, King 40’s, JPK 1180's etc.

IRC Band 1.075-1.150

LH 11.15m-14.1m

DLR 125-205

Max Draft 2.70m

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