About Me

Owners MAtch Racing

2009 Match Racing World Champions, our team Blackmatch Racing was ranked world number 1 for over two years.


During our tenure at the top of the game, we spent some of our time match racing with an owner from Monaco and managed to get him to a World Ranking of 35. He owned a Farr 40, a Mumm 30 and a Wally 80 however his favourite form of sailing was definitely Match Racing with a professional team against some of the best sailors/teams in the world and I would now like to bring this opportunity to more owners. 

Match Racing can take you to some of the most beautiful sailing locations on the planet. Events are ranked from World Tour down to Grade 5 depending on prize money, rankings of competitors, amount of umpires, boats etc. The higher your World Ranking the higher grade events you can enter. Sweet Swete Sailing can put together a world class crew and get you an entry to a regatta that you would otherwise not gain entry to. 

A typical Match Racing event is held over 3 or 4 days, has 10 teams and 2 round robins where you race everyone twice before a semi final and final. 

Events around europe in 2020