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Over the past decade I have certainly developed a skill in getting the most out of a crew/boat, with a massive emphasis on communication and keeping the intensity up, while also having fun. I have coached Fast 40's, TP52's, P40's and almost anything in between. I really do 'get a kick' out of helping teams out and a recent example of this would be the J122e Juno that saw us get 2nd at Cowes week 2018 (with me as tactician) and then a little bit of 'Swete Coaching' saw them take out the overall 2019 P40 Season Championship with a Corinthian crew! 

No matter what what shape or size of boat or level of crew, I am more than happy to jump aboard and help get the crew firing. Getting around a course cleanly and fast is not only more fun, but it also saves you in the long run when you no longer worry about that 'broach' in 20 knots or that 'trawl' at the bottom mark..... Swete Coaching will put in place the procedures needed to ensure cohesion and a calm, fast boat that people want to turn up and race on. 

The HMS 'Sweet As Bro!' is available for running small in house regattas or providing 'on the water' coaching and we have access to 4 J70's for any off season training...... perfect for owner drivers who want to improve/keep their helming skills up for their P40 or Fast 40 and to improve the communication/cohesion within their core crews. 

Winter sailing in the UK is definitely a 'thing' when you can rock up to the Yacht Club at 9am, start your first race at 1030am, bang out 5 intense windward leeward races and be enjoying your first beer by 130pm. This is exactly what we went out and did in late November with a Fast 40 Owner on a J70 and his feedback was incredible. Aside from undoubtedly being very good for keeping his helming skills up, what was surprisingly notable were the improvements throughout the day on communication between Helmsman and tactician and how this would directly improve how they sailed their Fast 40. See below for J70 Regatta details


J70 Regatta Details & Prices   

(Prices include Committee Boat and Regatta management. Regattas consist of a day/evenings racing with up to 5 Races and can be held during the daytime throughout the year and during an evening over the summer months of April to September. A day regatta is 1030am-130pm and an evening regatta is 430pm-730pm. Regattas are run out of the Royal Southern)

J70 Race Day Hire (includes Sails) 

Private J70 Entry (owners of their own J70's are more than welcome to race)



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Escape the english winter - J70 racing in Barcelona or Monaco

Owners match racing

Why not have a go at Match Racing with your own professional crew and compete against some of the worlds highest ranked Match Racing Skippers. Swete sailing will secure entry to the event and organise all of the logistics that go with competing at the highest level of Match Racing. 

"Jurassic Coastal Classic"

(This is just a concept for now)

130 Mile coastal race from the Royal Yacht Squadron startiline in Cowes, along the stunning Jurassic Coastline and finishing in the beautiful deep water harbour of Fowey, followed by a party to rival our Kiwi friends and their iconic Coastal Classic.

J70 "Plug and Play"

Fleet racing in the solent